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posted on 30 Sep 2013 04:57 by joshuarichardson
Planning for a home rehabilitation can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming for homeowners, however, learning and comprehending the remodeling process upfront, then much of your anxiety can be prevented. A Home remodel is comparable to building a new house, just smaller in scale. You'll still need to secure financing, find a remodeling contractor, have plans drawn, subcontractors and much more. Most people do not realize that a kitchen renovation must knows involves as numerous steps and subcontractors to be involved as creating a new house. But don't fear-as a home builder and remodeling contractor I explain this process below.

Financing Your local bank is the best place to secure a home improvement loan. There are many kinds of specialty loans available.

Scope If you are considering moving walls, then you need a local draftsman or architect to draw your plans. Plans will also be needed for obtaining a precise quote from the remodeling contractor and will also be submitted for the permitting purposes.

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Finding and Interviewing Remodeling Contractors You have to receive multiple quotes from remodeling contractors in your home renovation project. This process is crucial, not just to obtain a reasonable price for the project, but to see in action the contractor's attitude for that project, timelines, references and more.

Permits The remodeling contractor will need to pull permits based on the project scope. Even if you choose to do the house renovation project yourself, you will still have to pull city or county permits for the local area. Depending on your local area, the permit process can take a considerable amount of time. If you choose to avoid so, you are subjecting yourself to fines.

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Subcontractors Expect lots of subcontractors on your project. For instance, a kitchen renovation may require a framer to rebuild walls, drywall installer, painter, cabinet installer, trim carpenter, flooring installer, electrician, plumber, granite installer and more. Be ready for a barge of people coming and going from your home.

Timeline Staying realistic in your timeframe is my best advice. Though you may want your house renovation completed at warp speed, remember you also desire a quality job. Expect try to be completed noisy . mornings and often on weekends, this is important if you are remaining in your house throughout the remodeling process. When working in a small area, like a kitchen or bath, subcontractors need to be scheduled differently due to the space restrictions of the area. This really is prevents subcontractors from working simultaneously and getting in every others way. When creating a new home, subcontractors can work on opposite ends of a house and never get in each other's way. This is not the situation with smaller remodeling projects. For example, the plumber and flooring installer cannot work at the same time because the plumber will be standing in the clear way of the tile installer. By staying realistic with your home renovations goals you may expect a significantly smoother process.